Investment comment - Oct 2018

Investment comment – October 2018

Financial markets passed two notable milestones during the third quarter: ten years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and 20 years since Russia’s debt default. History may not repeat itself, but today there are some roots in, and rhymes with, those earlier crises.

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A perspective on returns – thoughts from our Real Return team

In the early part of this decade, we discussed a qualitative idea for the post-millennial world, which we called ‘A perspective on returns’. In a new paper we provide an update on our thinking amid the current escalation in financial-market volatility.

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Our investment philosophy

Global thematic investing – Our investment philosophy

Our global, thematic investment approach in a nutshell.

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Responsible Investment - Home page teaser

Responsible investment

We believe that responsibly managed companies are best placed to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and provide strong long-term investment opportunities.

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