Investment comment July 2018

Investment comment – July 2018

Europe faced a severe shortage of industrial carbon dioxide as the first half of the year ended. Meanwhile, developed equity markets retained plenty of fizz, despite a host of apparent reasons to go flat, but emerging markets lost their sparkle.

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A perspective on returns – thoughts from our Real Return team

In the early part of this decade, we discussed a qualitative idea for the post-millennial world, which we called ‘A perspective on returns’. In a new paper we provide an update on our thinking amid the current escalation in financial-market volatility.

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Our investment philosophy

Global thematic investing – Our investment philosophy

Our global, thematic investment approach in a nutshell.

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Responsible Investment - Home page teaser

Responsible investment

We believe that responsibly managed companies are best placed to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and provide strong long-term investment opportunities.

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